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Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony...

As Viewed On Network Television And Around The World

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Sugar Diabetes

High Blood

As Heard On Radio Broadcasts Around The World

This woman said that she was suffering with severe pains in the back of her legs.  There was so much swelling in her joints that she could hardly walk up the stairs.  When she heard about God’s medicine, Nature’s Formula for Healthy Living... 

This woman said she was suffering from being overweight, poor blood circulation and gout.  When we heard her testimony, there was no doubt in our minds that all of the conditions that she was suffering from were because of being...

A mother called our broadcast and told us that she wanted to give her daughter's testimony.  She said that her daughter was so overweight, that she could not perform her ministerial duties.  Aside from that, she had...

This person called us and said not only was she suffering from severe depression, but she also said that she was 300 pounds overweight.  When she ordered, Nature's Formula Healing Herbs; she got that...

As Read In Magazines And Newsletters Around The World

Weight Loss

"When a woman starts reaching a certain age, their body begins to hold more and more water.  This was happening to me as I got older.  I gained a lot of weight and diets would not help.  Since I started taking Nature's Formula, I lost 28 pounds on a one month supply."  Betty  Riverside, CA

Weight Loss

"I've tried many diets.  Nothing seemed to work until I tried the Nature's Formula Health and Healing herbs.  Not only have I lost weight, but it has given me more energy.  Thank you Nature's Formula!"  Beverly E Grand Blanc, MI

Weight Loss

"I lost over 15lbs on one treatment of Nature's Formula.  I started looking so good, my husband wanted to use some.  I told him he had to get his own.  I soon will be ready for my second order."  Stephanie James, Kansas City, KS

Weight Loss

"When I first heard about Nature's Formula I called because I had severe arthirtis in both of my hands. They would hurt me so bad.  Many days I could not go to work because my fingers would be so swollen. So when I called, I did not get it to lose weight. Not only did it stop the pains in my joints, it also helped me to lose over 30 lbs. God Bless Nature's Formula.

Weight Loss

"I took God's medicine, Nature's Formula to lose weight.  I was just sick and tired of going on one diet after the next. I felt very uncomfortable traveling or even going out to dinner.  I have been on the product for about 4 months.  My dress size has gone down from a dress size of 20 plus to a dress size of 12.


These are just a few of the many thousand of testimonies.  Each of these testimonies were sent by Nature's Formula Customers. They were not coerced or prompted in anyway on what to say.  We only served as an observer in reporting what we consider, truly inspiring testimonies.  We do not make medical claims or that Nature's Formula is a 'cure-all'.  However, according to God's Word, it wonderfully aids the body in its natural healing process.

If It Were Not For Our Customers, These Testimonies Could Have Never Been A Reality.  We Say Thank You!

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