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Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony...

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Sugar Diabetes



As Viewed On Network Television And Around The World

Weight Loss


Sugar Diabetes

High Blood

As Heard On Radio Broadcasts Around The World

This individual called our program and said that not only did she have an enlarged heart, but she had diabetes, kidney problems and a very high hospital bill.  She said in fact that she was calling to make a...

This woman called and said not only did she have high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and she was overweight.   We refer to these conditions as the "big three".  But, after taking Nature's Formula for Healthy Living, you would be amazed at what her doctors...

There are certain conditions when combined together almost as if were automatic, cause other conditions to occur in the body; glaucoma
is one of these conditions that will develop with many people who have diabetes or...  

This person called us and said that she had diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure.  In fact, she said that sometimes her sugar would go up to 350 and... 

As Read In Magazines And Newsletters Around The World


"I heard about Nature's Formula several times on the radio and I decided to try it for my sugar.  It was 480 at the time.  After one 60 day treatment, my sugar dropped to 110 and I think that's great."  Doris Y.

"If you want something good for high blood pressure, sugar and arthritis, Nature's Formula is the best thing to use.  My doctor is amazed!  I have taken a lot of medicine over the years.  Now I don't take anything but my Nature's Formula tea."
Mary L. Houston, TX

"I was taking insulin and blood pressure pills three times a day.  After being on Nature's Formula for just 4 months, I went back to my doctor and he took me off of my blood pressure medication.  He also reduced my insulin intake to once a day.  Thank God for Nature's Formula!" Thermal,  Dallas, TX


"My blood pressure and sugar medication was expensive, but I had to have it.  One day I was introduced to Nature's Formula.  After taking the product for about three months, my blood pressure and sugar came down to normal."  Jane P.


"I had high blood pressure and sugar diabetes.  Since I have been on Nature's Formula, my blood pressure and diabetes is normal."  Steve,  Buffalo, NY

                                       If It Were Not For Our Customers, These Testimonies Could

                                         Have Never Been A Reality.  We Say Thank You!


These are just a few of the many thousand of testimonies.  Each of these testimonies were sent by Nature's Formula Customers. They were not coerced or prompted in anyway on what to say.  We only served as an observer in reporting what we consider, truly inspiring testimonies.  We do not make medical claims or that Nature's Formula is a 'cure-all'.  However, according to God's Word, it wonderfully aids the body in its natural healing process.

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