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Yerba Mate

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Yerba Mate is Nature's Formula for Colon Cleansing

Yerba Mate

The herb yerba mate has been known from time to time to be referred to as the drink of “friendship and health,” and has been touted as a drink that is not only an enjoyable social custom, but healthy for your body as well.
Yerba mate, which in its translation means "cup herb", is composed from the leaves and twigs of the yerba mate plant.  This species of holly plant is primarily grown and consumed in South America.  This is particularly so in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.


The main way to prepare yerba mate tea is by steeping the dried leaves and twigs of the mate plant in hot water. It can have a somewhat grassy taste with some varieties somewhat similar to certain types of green tea.

For many years, drinkers report being in control of their wakefulness as they can stay up for hours, while being alert and on their game.  However, when it is time to sleep they have no issues. Essentially, yerba mate is geared to give you energy without any negative side effects.


One of the Best Herbal Remedies on the Market for Energy,

Colon Cleansing, Detoxify the Blood, Aging, and Weight Loss



Essentially, yerba mate is geared to give you energy without any negative side effects.  An important element of yerba mate's properties is the claim that yerba mate is actually completely free of caffeine and that its stimulating effects come from a mysterious compound known as mateine.


From what is said, mateine is a stereoisomer of caffeine, which gives it the stimulating qualities with none of the downfalls. Similar to other teas and coffees, yerba mate contains an impressive amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin C and B vitamins. It also contains essential minerals, include potassium, manganese, and zinc, and the antioxidants include quercetin, theobromine, and theophylline.


It is important to note that yerba mate tea has a very high concentration of antioxidants. In fact, it has around 90% more antioxidants than green tea. Also, yerba mate is known to have significant immune-boosting properties. Through the centuries, it has been known to help slow the signs of aging, detoxify the blood, and some cases even prevent some types of cancer. Yerba mate also helps insomnia and reduces stress.


The chemical compounds and nutrients in yerba mate tea affect your metabolism to make your body use carbohydrates more efficiently. This means you'll get more energy from the food you eat. You'll also burn more of the calories your body has stored in fat cells as fuel when you drink yerba mate tea regularly.


Regular yerba mate consumption also helps keep lactic acid from building up in your muscles so you can decrease post workout soreness and cut your recovery time. The native peoples of South America have long used yerba mate tea as a traditional herbal remedy against digestive ailments.


Yerba mate aids digestion by stimulating increased production of bile and other gastric acids. Yerba mate helps keep your colon clean for effective and efficient waste elimination, and helps reduce the stomach bacteria that can contribute to bad breath. Native South American peoples have traditionally used yerba mate as part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise.


Yerba mate has stimulant qualities to help you feel full sooner after you begin eating, and it slows your digestion so that your stomach stays full longer. Combining yerba mate with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help boost your metabolism to burn more calories, and it can help you eat less by curbing your appetite slightly.

The antioxidants and amino acids present in yerba mate help fat and cholesterol move through your bloodstream so that they don't accumulate on artery walls. Yerba mate also helps prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and prevents blood clots that may cause heart attack

or stroke.  


Yerba mate is high in chlorophyll which helps reduce the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. It also breaks down calcium-oxalate stones (better known as kidney stones) and can boost higher polyphenol and antioxidant counts than either green or black teas.

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The precise formula to, 'Nature's Formula For Healthy Living', is closely guarded.  However, these are the ingredients which we use. As you learn about God's medicine, the healing herbs, you will discover that each herb has been known for centuries to have a very specific function and can be used interchangably as it aids the body in its natural healing process.  We also want you to know that Nature's Formula uses only the finest quality of herbs in its formula.

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