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The blood pressure in the body is a simple measurement of the force which the walls of your arteries experience as the blood is pumped from your heart. The technical term for blood pressure is called hypertension. When you blood pressure is taken, you have two numbers that identify your specific pressure. The top number is known as the systolic blood pressure. The number on the bottom is called the diastolic pressure. Here are some symptoms and causes that are associated with high blood pressure.


'Life's Maintanence For High Blood Pressure' begins its progam with a 21 day protocol that invovles a intense healing a cleansing regiment which helps to relieve the body of stress.  Stress makes the muscles tense, and this increases the overall pressure in the body.  Because of the increased pressure, the body's entire function is off and can possibly lead to depression.


High blood pressure symptoms vary in different people, but there are identifying factors that have been proven that cetain people experience higher rates of hypertension than others.  Because of these higher rates, this disease should be taken seriously.  African Americans are prime candidates for high blood pressure because of their genes and should be especially concerned when it comes to high blood pressure. Obese individuals, people who drink in excess and anxious or stressed out individuals run the risk of experiencing high blood pressure. A combination of any of these can be a deadly mix, and should be taken seriously.


The best way to initially find out if you have high blood pressure is by having the test done to you. Readings of 140/90 or higher on a consistent basis are a sure sign of high blood pressure. There are many factors that go into diagnosing high blood pressure starting from how much salt and water is within the body, the condition of the kidneys, to the hormone levels. These conditions can greatly affect your blood pressure in a negative way.


As you get older, your blood vessels begin to harden and get much more stiffer than when you were young. The older you are, the more likely you are to experience hypertension, and you should have your pressure checked regularly. Your blood pressure should be monitored closely because as the pressure increases, so does the risk for a heart attack and kidney failure.


The most important thing you can do to avoid having a heart attack or kidney failure is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. If you have a history of hypertension in your family or any of the contributing factors that can bring on high blood pressure, you should consult a physician and let him know of the causes or symptoms that you are suffering with.  And then call Nature's Formula to order God's medicine, The 'Life's Maintanence For High Blood Pressure.


 Ingredients For Bloold Pressure Control

Passion Fruit

Green Tea





Ginkgo Biloba

The precise formula to, Life's Maintenance 'Weight Loss Control', is closely guarded.  However, these are the ingredients which we use. As you learn about God's medicine, the healing herbs, you will discover that each herb has been know for centuries to have a very specific function and can be uses inter-changably as it aids the body in it natural weight loss process.  We also want you to know that Nature's Formula uses only the finest quality of herbs in its formula.

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