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 Life's Maintenance For 'Diabetes Control'

Its Not Enough To Bring Your Sugar Down

 Takes Control Of Your Diabetes!

Take 'Control' Of Your Diabetes!

Even though diabetes can be a serious disorder, with proper management and close monitoring of blood sugar levels, proper diet, and exercise, most sufferers can lead a normal life.  'Life's Maintenance For Diabetes' begins its program with a 21 day protocol that involves an intense healing and cleansing regiment. If you were not concerned about diabetes, you probably would not be viewing this page. It is important to have a clear understanding of what diabetes is.  This important knowledge of diabetes will help you in understanding why and how the 'Life Maintenance  For Diabetes' can benefit you.


Diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes, is a chronic metabolic condition in which there are excessive levels of sugar in the blood.  The medical community believes that diabetes is a lifelong condition of which there is no cure for most types, but it can be treated. A person develops diabetes when the pancreas does not produce enough of the hormone, insulin, to effectively control the amount of sugar in the blood or because the cells resist the insulin that is produced causing the cells to be unresponsive. 


'Life's Maintenance For Diabetes' places a lot of emphesis of type 2 and pre-diabetes because they are  

obesity-related diabetes.  This type of diabetes develop when the body resists the insulin that it makes and the cells are unable to use the insulin properly. Type 2 DM is caused by genetics and lifestyle, such as having a body mass index greater than 30, lack of exercise, improper diet, stress, and urbanization. Approximately 60-80% of diabetics are of African or European heritage. Also, excess fats in the diet, consuming sugar-sweetened drinks and sodas, and a diet high in carbohydrates contribute to diabetes.


To take control of diabetes, you first must realize the onset of symptoms which can be:

The most common symptoms of all types of diabetes are:
• Frequent urination/high sugar levels in urine
• Excessive thirst, hunger or appetite
• Weight loss
• Visual changes/blurred vision
• Acetone odor on breath
• Nausea/vomiting/abdominal pain
• Stupor/lack of energy
• Hyperventilation
• Skin rashes/wounds that will not heal


Whenever these symptoms persist, see your doctor and order 'Life's Maintenance For Diabetes'.  'Life Maintenance For Diabetes' is one of the best herbal supplements on the market.  They can be sold on their own, but imagine how a combination of God natural medicine would be.  They are generally very safe to use, so we believe that 'Life Maintanence For Diabetes is one of the best options you can choose.

Ingredients For 'Diabetes Control'

Blueberry Leaf


Ginkgo Biloba




Green Tea

The precise formula to, 'Life's Maintenance For 'Diabetes Control', is closely guarded.  However, these ingredients just at the right porportion and combatnation these herbs will help you control your diabetes.  As you learn about God's medicine, the healing herbs, you will discover that each herb has been know for centuries to have a very specific function and can be uses inter-changably as it aids the body in it natural healing joint pain.  We also want you to know that Nature's Formula uses only the finest quality of herbs in its formula.

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